Ballan War Memorial

Ballan War Memorial

Conflicts Commemorated:


125 Inglis St Post Office, Ballan, Victoria, Australia, 3342

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Outside Post Office

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Fallen - World War One Honour Roll:

Berry J.L.
Binks C.
Bond J.H.
Cowell G.
Gibson A.E.
Hayes H.
Llyod R.
Monks T.
O'Shea W.
Robbins C.
Robertson G.
Silling E.C.
Stephens I.
Welch E.R.
Woods H.
Young A.

World War One Honour Roll:

Alford J.K.
Allen G.E.
Anderson A.W.
Ashman E.
Baker J.
Barrett J.
Bartlett C.H.
Bence A.
Berry A.R.
Binks J.
Body F.
Chambers F.
Chambers H.R.
Chambers J.H.
Corcoran A.E.
Cowan G.L.
Cowell A.
Cowell E.A.C.
Cowell W.D.G.
Crawford W.J.
Cropley L.L.
Cullen W.J.
Cullen V.
Darragh T.F.
Day A.J.
Denholm A.W.
Denholm W.P.
Densley W.J.
Elliot M.T.
Elliot H.L.
Elliot G.W.
Fagg J.B.
Flack H.H.
Flack H.N.
Fouracre R.G.
Fraser D.R.
Frichot A.J.
Gallagher H.R.
Graham J.R.
Graham W.J.G.
Grieves S.
Grieves J.
Gurney H.
Gurney W.
Hall J.H.
Heath T.
Hill J.A.
Hill F.J.
Hodge J.A.
Hodge V.
Hyatt R.J.A.
Justice W.G.S.
Kaneen E.B.
Kelly P.L.F.
Kyle J.A.
Lacy H.M.
Laidlaw R.C.G.
Lay E.G.
Lay F.
Lay P.
Lewis W.J.
Lidgett R.L.
Lilburne E.P.
Lilburne A.L.
Linsdell R.C.
Lobkin J.
Main A.R.
Maltby E.
Marshall H.J.Y.
Marshall R.W.
McArthur A.
McKenzie A.D.
McKenzie D.W.
McLean W.A.
Monks J.M.
Monks W.
Myers F.
Myers D. MCP.
Nolan W.
O'Brien M.J.
Parker A.
Paton F.A.
Pearpoint H.J.
Peters V.E.
Platt C.
Platt W.
Purcell J.J.
Purcell P.C.
Rickard R.
Robertson E.G.
Shankland R.E.
Simmons C.H.
Smallman J.H.
Spencer A.
Stevens C.R.
Sugg C.
Touhy M.J.
Walker J.V.
Walsh D.J.
Walters W.L.
Ward A.
Watts G.R.A.
Webster F.
Webster W.
Webster F.
White A.
Wilson R.
Wilson R.
Windsor N.M.

World War Two Honour Roll:

Linsdell R.G.
Marshall D.
Martyn F.M.
McLean A.A.
Morris F.J.
Mullane M.D.
Parkhurst R.
Parslow E.G.
Pendergast I.G.
Pollock F.

History and Significance:

The Ballan War Memorial was originally erected to commemorate those from the district who served in World War One and was unveiled on the 27th March 1920.

The names of those who died in service or were killed in action of World War Two were added to the memorial at a later date. It also honours those who served in World War Two, Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam.

The memorial work advanced another step on Monday night, when a final selection was made of the design. At the original public meeting the site in front of the post office was chosen.The whole work (with a few small exceptions) is to be of the best Harcourt grey granite, and may be briefly described as follows:—The base and first step are to be 7ft 6in square; the second step 5ft 6in square; the sub base to be 3ft 6in square; and on the front will be inscribed—"In Honor of the Men of this District who fought in the Great War, 1914-19," with crossed rifles underneath; the top being occupied by basin and t