Box Hill War Memorial

Box Hill War Memorial

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Korea
  • Malaya
  • Borneo
  • Vietnam


30 Nelson Road Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3128

Extra Comments:

A monument commemorates those who have served in the various conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

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World War One Honour Roll:

Anderson A.A.
Appleby F.G.
Batchelor R.
Bennett F.T.
Bethel R.
Blake C.W.G.
Brewster W.
Burton A.E.
Burton L.M.
Chapman A.F.
Cobden C.
Coe L.A.
Cook A.W.
Crockett A.G.
Dalzell B.A.
Davey J.
Dempsey W.
Dobson W.W.
Dowton H.W.
Draeger C.N.
Ellingworth R.O.
Fanhauser H.F.
Fankhauser G.F.
Farrelly M.P.
Galloway A.E.
Garrett P.
Geal A.
Gilbert L.R.T.
Gouge R.E.
Griffiths O.
Gurdon E.
Hall C.
Harris C.A.
Head W.W.
Herbert H.J.
Hogan H.A.
Hornby L.
Hughes R.E.
Hurst F.R.
Hurst A.S.
Hurter E.C.T.
Jones W.
Jones S.R.
Jones G.
Kemp F.J.
Kilpatrick E.R.
Kilpatrick A.E.
Lawson A.J.
Levens G.H.
Lloyd F.T.
Longmore F.H.
Maddocks J.
McMillan J.
McNair F.W.
Mills T.
Nash H.
Nelson W.K.
O'Hara R.J.
Oakley A.E.
Pairman A.G.
Patten M.
Pither F.H.
Prior C.V.
Rashleigh H.G.
Reu E.
Rolfe L.F.W.
Russell H.E.
Ryan J.M.
Scott R.M.
Shaw W.A.
Sheehan A.C.
Sloan J.
Sloan T.
Smith E.R.
Stephenson K.
Stockfeld F.H.
Stockfeld G.R.
Sweetland S.J.
Talbett N.T.
Tapson L.V.
Tatterson J.F.
Tillet R.
Toogood T.
Toogood R.
Walker H.I.
Walker F.W.
Ward F.
Welch E.W.
West W.N.
White F.J.
Williams F.E.
Williams A.S.
Wood H.V.
Woollard A.H.
Youlden C.
Young R.W.

History and Significance:

Monument characteristics : A marble statue of a World War One bugler on a polished grey granite pedestal on a granite plinth on a three-stepped granite base. The memorial was unveiled by the Governor-General Lord Forster. The wall surrounding the memorial has a number of plaques which commemorate other conflicts in in which Australians have served.