Family History Research Log

Family History Research Log

Family History Research LogIf you are anything like me, you have bits of paper and post-it notes lying around and stuck on everything. As a result, your never really sure where you are or what you have done in regards to any research contacted. Hence, the Family History Research Log.

The goal of this particular document is to track your research objectives so that you can start, walk away and then come back in days or even weeks and take off where you finished.

This log can save you a lot of confusion and help you to keep a track of your current research along with any planned future research you may be planning to undertake.

What is on the Form?

1. Ancestor

  • Ancestor Name
  • Log Number

2. Links to other documents

  • Individual Worksheet Number
  • Family Worksheet Number
  • Electoral Roll Form Number
  • Pedigree Chart Number

3. Log Details

  • Intended Research
  • Research Location
  • Source
  • Date
  • Research Outcome
  • Any Extra Research

With this information you can undertake multiple lines of research and not have to worry about loosing track of where you are.

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Individual Detail Sheet

Individual Detail Sheet

Individual Detail Sheet

The Family History and Genealogy Individual Detail Sheet is a simple document that allows you the ability to collect a person’s vital information and the links that they have to other members of their immediate family.

The idea behind this form is to have an easy to follow, but brief snapshot of a persons life, all in one place, with information on and, links to, other areas of their lives.

Each sheet is individually numbered so that it can be referenced, from all other documents in this Family History Forms and Charts pack.

What is on the Form?

First Page:

1. Personal Details

  • Surname,
  • First and Middle Name,
  • Birth Date and Location,
  • Baptism Date and Location.

2. Image

  • A place to insert an image of the person if one is available

3. Parents Details

  • Father and Mothers name,
  • Father and Mothers Individual Sheet Number,
  • Marriage Date and Location.

4. Education Details

  • Room for the persons education history.

5. Multiple Spouse Details

  • Spouse name,
  • Marriage Date,
  • Individual Sheet Number.

6. Details of Children

  • Child’s Name,
  • Parent/Spouse Number,
  • Individual Sheet Number.

Second Page:

7. Occupation Details

  • Room for the persons occupational history.

8. Military Service Details

  • Room for the persons Military Service history.

9. Immigration Details

  • Room for the persons immigration history.

10. Personal Details

  • Death Date and Location,
  • Cause of Death,
  • Burial Date and Location.

11. Source Details

  • Room for the information sources.

12. Additional Information

  • Room for additional Information.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, this document has the potential to be the gateway to all other documents in the pack that you are about to download. That process however, is beyond the scope of this post. First things first, we are going to go through each of the forms and charts in the pack so that we have a understanding of what each contains and their place in the overall scheme of things.

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