The Internet Explained Briefly

The Internet Explained

The Internet explained briefly and basically.

The Internet explainedNow that you have decided to share your research with the world we need to take a look at how we go about doing this.

The Internet

The Internet is made up of thousands, if not millions, of networks which are all interconnected in one way or another. Each of these networks can consist of servers, routers, hubs, modems and client computers.

Parts of the Internet

A server is a special computer that runs specific software that provide services such as hosting websites. There are other types of servers such as DNS, Mail, Database and FTP, but for the purposes of this eBook we will be only concentrating web hosting. Each hosting server can contain a multitude of different websites. To distinguish between these websites, we give each a name called a Domain Name.

Client Computers are the computers we use every day. These can include desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

In between the two, you will find the Modems, Hubs and Routers, which give you the access, the connectivity to the Network Backbone and, the ability to move data to and from your computer to the website/server through the various networks that lay in between. A Network Backbone is the part of the network infrastructure that connects networks or the various pieces of a networks together, providing a path for the exchange of information between the different Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks(WAN).

How you fit in

So how do you fit into this picture? Well, to get your Family History online, you need to find a place on one of the millions of Web Servers out on the Internet and give it a name (The Domain Name). To update and maintain your website you need to be able to access this Web Server from your Client Computer (whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) via the modems, hubs and routers which lay between your Client Computer and the Web Server.

Obviously, the Internet is a lot more complicated than what has been portrayed here, but the intention was never to give a detailed explanation but, only to explain, in simple terms, the various parts and the relationship you will have with them.


The Internet explained

5 Reasons why you should I place your family tree online?

Why you should place your family tree online.

why you should place your family tree online

Why you should place your family tree online!

To those of us who research our family history it can be a wondrous and exciting world of discovery but, also at times, a world of frustration. We seem to be always looking for a new way to move backward in time and discover that next generation of people who make us what we are today. With the advent of the Internet, sharing your information online can increase these opportunities even further.

Listed below are the 5 main reasons why I believe you should place your family tree online.

1. To Share Information.

Placing your family tree online is a great way to connect with family members who may live all over the world. By putting your family tree online it allows other members of the family, not only to view your research and information, but to add and share their own.

This way you can possibly obtain information and photos that may have been missing, or which fill in a gap, in your branch of the family tree.

2. To Share Stories

Having a Family history website online will allow you to share those family stories that are currently known only by a few. This will allow these stories to be saved for future generations and be enjoyed by all members of the family, even those in distant branches.

3. To Create New Family Historians

By having your family history displayed online, you may spark the interest of other members of the family who had never seen their family tree before. If they catch the bug and start to research their own lines, you can then collaborate and share not only the research, but the excitment of new discoveries, with someone else who is as engrossed in the same family tree as yourself.

4.  To Find Long Lost Relatives.

Nowadays, the Internet is a valuable and irreplaceable resource to family historians all over the world. Almost everyone who is researching their family history uses it. By having your research online you increase the chances of distant relatives finding you or, if they have their research online, you finding them. This can lead to not only, bigger family reunions but, the chance of finding out and, possibly obtaining information on and photos of, branches that you never knew existed.

5. To Display your Hard Earned Research

Every family historian knows the feeling of the late night searches, of hitting the proverbial brick wall and the frustration of realising you just cannot go back any further. So when we do have success, the exhilaration of discovery is one we want to share with anyone who will listen, most often our poor family members who just nod and smile to be polite. By placing your family tree online you can share your discoveries with the world and display your family history research with pride for everyone to see.

Why you should place your family tree online.

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