Employees of Michaelis Hallenstein

Employees of Michaelis Hallenstein

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • World War One


1 Hopkins Street Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3011

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World War One Honour Roll:

Austin R.
Barnes E.
Bye B.
Cunninghame T.
Evans A.
Gilchrist H.
Hallenstein D.
Harding D.
Hetherton A.
Lloyd P.
Louis A.
Lowe H.
Matthews C.
McCall J.
Michaelis F.
Michaelis G.
Neale H.
Ravenstraunk A.
Tognini W.

History and Significance:


Memorial Unveiled at Footscray Tannery

Further proof of the feeling of mutual respect and regard existing at the Footscray Tannery between employers and employed was given on Tuesday afternoon, when a memorial, erected by the members of the firm as a tribute to their employees who had died in the Empire\'s cause, was unveiled.

In addition to members and employees of the firm there was a numerous attendance of other residents, including the Mayor and councillors and the Town Clerk. The ceremony was simple and direct, but very impressive. Those present stood with bared-heads, and the flag for which the men had died flew at halfmast nearby.

Mr. Frederick Hallenstein was the first speaker. In a few sentences he expressed the gratitude which he and his fellow directors felt for those gallant men who heard the call and answered the summons to beat down the forces of tyranny and oppression. He then asked the Mayor (Cr. H. W. C. Jenkin