Family History Research Log

Family History Research Log

Family History Research LogIf you are anything like me, you have bits of paper and post-it notes lying around and stuck on everything. As a result, your never really sure where you are or what you have done in regards to any research contacted. Hence, the Family History Research Log.

The goal of this particular document is to track your research objectives so that you can start, walk away and then come back in days or even weeks and take off where you finished.

This log can save you a lot of confusion and help you to keep a track of your current research along with any planned future research you may be planning to undertake.

What is on the Form?

1. Ancestor

  • Ancestor Name
  • Log Number

2. Links to other documents

  • Individual Worksheet Number
  • Family Worksheet Number
  • Electoral Roll Form Number
  • Pedigree Chart Number

3. Log Details

  • Intended Research
  • Research Location
  • Source
  • Date
  • Research Outcome
  • Any Extra Research

With this information you can undertake multiple lines of research and not have to worry about loosing track of where you are.

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