Family History Research Log

Family History Research Log

If you are anything like I used to be, you will have bits of paper and post-it notes lying around and/or stuck to everything. As a result, you are never really sure where you are, what you have done and which member of your family you are researching at any given time. 

The goal of this particular document is to track your research objectives so that you can start researching, walk away and then come back in days or even weeks and know exactly what you have done and, where you left of and what has or has not been found.

So what exactly is a Research Log?

“A research log is a comprehensive list of sources you already searched, or plan to search including the purpose of each search (what you want to find), a summary of significant findings and where your copies are, notations showing sources searched where you found nothing, and plenty of comments about your search strategies, suggestions, questions, analysis, and discrepancies.”

Familysearch wiki 

I recommend that you begin your research log as soon as you start your research for your ancestors. As you conduct your research, use your log to keep an informal yet detailed record of your research path. To save forgetting anything, fill in the different areas in the form as they occur rather than after you have finished researching.

This log can save you a lot of confusion and can help you to keep a track of your current research along with any planned future research you may be planning to undertake.

So, what information is stored on the Form?

1. Ancestor

  • Ancestor Name
  • Log Number

2. Links to other documents

  • Individual Worksheet Number
  • Family Worksheet Number
  • Electoral Roll Form Number
  • Pedigree Chart Number

3. Research Details

  • Intended Research
  • Research Location
  • Source
  • Date
  • Research Outcome
  • Any Extra Research

By using the information contained in this form, you can start researching the various branches of your family with confidence whilst not having to worry about loosing track of where you currently are…

Happy Researching!

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