Footscray Avenue of Honour Monument

Footscray Avenue of Honor Monument

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • World War One
  • World War Two


Corner of Ballarat Rd and Mills Close Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3011

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World War One Honour Roll:

Black C.J.
Bolan E.J.
Browne P.
Bunting A.
Coull J.C.
Fraser W.J.
Hall R.
Macauley A.M.
Oppy SGT.
Orr R.W.
Semple J.
Waters A.M.

World War Two Honour Roll:

Bacon W.F.
Bartley H.A.
Bayliss K.
Brien D.H.
Cook A.
Davey W.J.
Downie W.
Einsiedel J.E.
Gluyas R.J.
Hunter G.
Jenkins B.L.
Johnston G.H.
Lay J.O.
Lynch R.T.
McCallum R.B.
McCarthy W.T.
McDonald F.C.E.
McGillivray D.G.
Mendola R.A.
Neilson A.B.
Pearce E.H.
Phillips E.J.
Robb L.W.
Semmens C.T.
Smith L.E.
Sullivan P.L.
Traill G.J.L.
Walker J.E.
Womersley N.

History and Significance:

A monument commemorates soldiers who died in service or were killed in action in World Wars One and Two. 43 names of service personnel who had plaques dedicated for the original Avenue of Honour in Geelong Road, but were not recovered when Geelong Road was widened.

The garden is based upon the alignment of the original Avenue of Honour, and conveys a key message of strength through unity as well as contemplation and reflection for those who gave their lives in conflict.

The ceremonial terrace has a series of interlocking concrete plinths that support 225 original memorial plaques from the Geelong Road Avenue of Honour.

The Geelong Road Avenue of Honour was a Citizen\'s memorial funded by the community and established in 1947 for those who died in World Wars One and Two. The widening of Geelong Road in the 1960\'s resulted in substantial changes to the original avenue and overtime many of the plaques were no longer visible.

The decision to relocate the pl