HTML Template Help

How to Use these HTML Templates

1. Download the zip file to your local hard drive

2. Unzip the file to a place on your Hard Drive you will remember.

3. Make the Changes to it it require (see below).

4. Upload the unzipped files with changes to your website host. (Your host will have instructions on how to do this)

Please Note. You only need to upload all files once. Once they are uploaded, you only need to upload the files that you make changes to.


File Explanation

index.php   –> Homepage Content (including Slider)

inner.php   –> 1st inner page (accessible via Families Menu Option)

inner2.php  –> 2nd inner page (accessible via Surnames Menu option)

contact.php –> Contact Page (accessible via Contacts Menu option)

includes/header.php –> Website Title and main menu

includes/footer.php –> Footer (including copyright)



How to add my own personal information to the pages

To make changes to this template you need a program that can open up these files such as notepad++ for windows or Sublime Text for Mac

Once you have your preferred software open the appropriate file.

For example, If you want to change the text on the home page open the index.php file.

Scroll down and change the text that is there to whatever you want.


How do I change the images in the slider?

There ae currently 5 images in the slider. You may, of course, wish to use your own.

These images are names image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc through to image5.jpg.

The easiest way to replace them would be to prepare your own images and then name them the same. ie image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc.

Once you have done this you would just copy them to the image directory and say yes when your system asks to overwrite the files that are alreasy there.



How do I Change the Page Name?

Open the page whose name you wish to change in your editor.

At the top of the page you will find a line similar to $pagename = “homepage”;

Simply change the text between the quotes (“) to whatever you want the the page name to be.

This new name will appear in the Title bar of your Browser