Immigration Sheet

Immigration Sheet

Family History Forms and ChartsImmigration records, or as they are sometimes also known as, Passenger Lists, will usually contain a great deal of information that we, as family historian’s love. To us they can be among the most highly valued of all the available records.

Unfortunately, these records were not always kept for every ship and over the years some have been lost, but those that do survive are becoming ever more available online.

The earlier records may vary in content, but even these can tell a fantasic story when they are put in context with world events.

Information that can be found in the Immigration Records may include: 

  • Each Persons’s name,
  • Their Marital status
  • The Number of children accompanying them
  • Their Nationality and Place of birth
  • Their age, height, eye and hair colour
  • Their profession or trade
  • Their place of last residence
  • The ship’s name and date of entry that they arrived on.

The form you downloaded is based on the Australian Immigration Record but, like the Marriage Certificate we went through last week, if you do not have all the information available to you right now it can be used to cretae a snapshot of your Family’s immigration adventure and completed as you gain more information as your research continues. 

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