My Journey: Placing Family History Online

My Journey: To Place My Family History Online

The Beginning…

To Place My Family History OnlineWhen I first decided to delve into the world of Family History and place my Family History Online, I was extremely lucky as, my grandfather (on my mothers side) was a avid family historian. Over the years, he had already completed a large amount of research and gathered together an enormous amount of information in the form of notes, certificates, photos, documents and hand drawn trees.

Unfortunately, he had passed on about ten years earlier so I could not ask him the questions I would have loved to ask. Like other Family Historian’s at the time, he had conducted his research before the advent of the Internet and mega-sites such as Ancestry and Find My Past, which I know he would have loved, especially with the fact that he could get in minutes what had taken him days, weeks or months to obtain previously.

But, now it was my turn!

Ok, so what now?

I am sure, just like me, most Family Historians felt overwhelmed, dubious and possibly confused at this point, just the same way as I did.

So, what was I to do next? Where was I to start? Where can I go to undertake the research? How was I going to record my research? Was there anyone else in the family who can help? Was I going to display the research? If I was, then how was I going to display the research?

All these questions and more were running through my mind, along with the feeling that my head was just about to explode. I was actually starting to think I had bitten of more than I can chew but, like most things in life, things started to fall in place and solving one question quite often led to the solution of the next. However, as good as that was when it occured, it was not always the case. Sometimes more questions were raised than answered but, as I now know, this is just all part the wonder of being a family historian.

My intention, in writing this series of posts is to go through the process I personally used to get around these hurdles and brick-walls, as well as to document, step by step, the research, documentation and storage methods I have found to be effective. I also wanted to show (and explain) the method I used to display my family history online to the world.

By no means am I claiming the methods outlined here are the only way of doing things, as I am sure other Family Historians will attest to, there are many other approaches and many other ways of doing the same thing. These methods just work for me and hopefully they will work for you too.

However, I am always open to improving myself and making my life a little easier, so please use the comment section, which will be available at the bottom of each page, to suggest the other methods and ways that you use. Or, simply leave a comment on what your thoughts are on the topic.

I would love to hear from you!

Now, lets get started!

My Journey: To Place My Family History Online