Sea Lake World War One War Memorial

Sea Lake World War One Memorial

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • World War One


Corner Best and Horace Streets , Sea Lake, Victoria, Australia, 3533

Extra Comments:

The memorial was originally erected to commemorate Trooper John Kiley of the Victorian Battalion Imperial Bushmen who died of enteric fever in the South African (Boer) War and was unveiled on the 16th May 1902. It now contains plaques dedicated to those who have served in all conflicts.

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World War One Honour Roll:

Aldenhoven A.
Allen A.
Anderson F.
Anset F.
Bailey L.
Barnes W.
Beckham H.
Beddoe J.
Bell M.
Bell G.
Bird H.
Bourke A.
Brame J.
Brown J.
Brownsell A.
Cail H.
Cail J.
Cameron A.
Campbell C.
Cannard F.
Case J.
Cassell G.
Climas W.
Cole G.
Cook A.
Cook J.
Cozens E.
Daniels D.
Dettmann C.
Dineen W.
Draper E.
Drury D.
Drury W.
Earney G.
Eatock W.
Ellis J.
Ellis E.
Farmer T.
Field C.
Fisher J.
Foley L.
Forbes J.
Fotheringham A.
Fox R.
Fox H.
Gemmell E.
Gemmell G.
Gemmell H.
Godwin H.
Groat F.
Guy J.S.
Hanns G.L.A.
Hanns G.R.
Hansen R.
Haslam H.
Hausmann E.
Hayes A.
Hemmings G.
Hetherton T.
Hogg G.
Holding A.
Holding R.
Horan C.
Horne H.
Horsley F.
Howat G.
Howat G.
Hubby W.
Huddlestone H.
Hudson E.
Hussey J.
Ingram S.
Johnson L.
Jones E.
Jones R.
Kean E.
Kean L.
Malherbe F.
Maydwell I.
Maydwell B.
McArthur ARCH.
McCague H.
McCartney J.
McCristal M.
McDonald E.
McDonald N.
McGarry R.
McGauchie A.
McInerney M.
McInnes A.
McKenzie C.
McKenzie M.I.
McLean G.
McLear C.
McLennan N.
McManus J.
McMurray N.
Molloy F.
Morrow JAS.
Morrow JOS.
Nash W.
O'Connell T.
Pavey E.
Peucker W.
Pomeroy A.
Pressley P.
Puddicombe G.
Pye V.
Quinan A.
Reid F.
Rhyne H.
Ronald E.
Rose A.
Rose F.
Rosevear S.
Russell W.
Rutherford N.
Ryan P.
Rymer H.
Sandiford N.
Schubert P.
Sharp R.
Smith H.
Smith F.
Smith C.
Snook W.
Stacey L.
Stacey W.
Stewart T.
Sutherland R.
Treble C.
Tynan A.
Umbers E.
Umbers A.
Warburton H.
Webb J.
Williams R.
Woodburn A.
Woodburn H.
Woodburn W.
Zimmerman V.

Fallen - World War One Honour Roll:

Beaudoin T.
Browse S.
Casper F.
Chartres J.
Chisolm J.
Cleary W.
Cook R.
Cooper A.
Crawford T.
Dickson A.
Farrell T.
Jones V.
Leeder W.
McArthur A.
McArthur ANG.
McCague J.J.
McCague J.T.
McDonald H.
McKenzie K.
Moore J.
Parnaby G.
Ryan T.
Scott G.
Webber W.
White M.