Speak with your Elderly Relatives

Speak with your Elderly Relatives

So how and where do I start my research?

It can almost seem like an impossible task when you first begin. However, nowadays, there is a plethora of sites and blogs that give advice in this area.

And you have arrived at one more!

Start by speaking to all the elderly relatives you can. These may be your parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. You will probably find that they have an amazing amount of information that can get you on your way and most of the time they will be more than happy to part with it.

Here is a List of Interview Questions you may wish to use to get you started.

The more information your elderly relatives can provide for you, the better your starting point will be.

It is also advisable to do these interviews sooner rather than later as, no one knows just how much time we have on this earth and, once your relatives pass on, all the information they have is lost forever.