Sunshine RSL War Memorial

Sunshine RSL War Memorial

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Korea
  • Malaya
  • Vietnam


99 Dickson Street Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3020

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World War One Honour Roll:

Alford R.H.
Bailey D.L.
Barnett V.C.
Breen H.
Bunnett W.
Cum F.
Day G.
Day E.
Doyle M.
Fisher M.
Kenny F.C.
Mackay W.
McColl A.K.
McLean H.T.
Neal R.E.
Perry H.
Somerville G.D.
Steers L.
Steers W.R.
Stewart J.
Watson A.
Williamson J.
Wilson F.

World War Two Honour Roll:

Anderson G.J.
Anderson R.
Ayton L.C.
Baird A.C.
Ball J.L.
Barrett R.
Bell S.V.
Bell J.C.
Benness A.W.
Boreham K.G.T.
Bradley R.G.
Buchanan N.J.
Burgess M.J.
Cary A.E.
Clayton T.J.
Comley W.
Cornwell R.
Dawson J.T.
Dickson M.L.
Drake J.
Gee A.E.
Gilmour R.J.
Gooding H.A.
Gratz W.A.
Haden J.
Henderson K.T.
Hibbs R.V.
Holland R.D.
Howard E.
Kermeen P.M.
Killeen K.F.
Laming G.
Lawson J.
Lewis J.L.
Lynch M.M.
Martin D.E.
McElroy G.S.P.
Mentha W.F.
Mudford L.F.
Murphy E.F.
Porter H.
Roberts R.C.
Roberts K.C.
Roussac L.A.
Ryan K.
Saliba S.
Sproul L.J.
Surman F.H.
Talintyre N.
Tennant W.
Thorpe J.E.
Tyres K.H.
Waite W.J.
Williams W.C.

History and Significance:

The Sunshine Cenotaph features tablets dedicated to those who served in the First World War, Second World War, Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam. Funds were received in 2013 for restoration of the memorial wall.