Effect of the Corona Virus

Effect of the Corona Virus

Living in Melbourne, Australia at this point on time and having this second wave of the corona virus hit us has has been hard.

Travel is not allowed which is frustrating, as the first test trip away in the new Rv/Mobile Office had been planned for the weekend of 11/12 July (the first weekend the new stage 3 restrictions were brought in by the Victorian government.)

Hopefully, restrictions will be relaxed closer to Christmas, so I can do the test runs and get some video and photography prepared and passed on to you guys.

Overall though, I should be one of the last to complain as I have my health, can still work and are staying safe, whereas there are many others who are a lot less fortunate, who, have either caught the virus themselves or, have family members who have caught the virus or, who simply cannot work due to the shutdowns.

My thoughts and sympathies go out to them.

I hope, wherever you are, you, your family and your friends are all staying safe and that we are all out of this crisis sooner rather than later.

Take Care. look after yourself and your loved ones and we will talk again soon!!

The Grand Idea

The Grand Idea

For years I have talked about travelling around Australia, but it seemed as though the opportunity for me to do so just never presented itself.

And when I say “travelling around Australia”, I am not talking about visiting the normal tourist attractions that people always visit but, experiencing the “real” Australia and gaining an appreciation for what the towns, mountains, deserts, coasts, plains and all the other natural wonders we are lucky enough this great land of ours offers.

As well, I also have a desire to see as much of the colonial and convict period of Australian History that is left that I can.

Viewed from the point of view of a Family Historian, history is going to be major factor and I hope to document most of what I see.

So, what actually is the idea?

Simply put:

To slowly travel by road, staying in rest areas and service centers, avoiding major highways and freeways where possible and visiting as many towns and natural attractions I can.

Of major interest on this journey will be:

  • Colonial and Convict era buildings,
  • War Memorials,
  • Roadside Historical Markers,
  • Historical Buildings,
  • Abandoned Farmsteads,
  • Cemeteries, and
  • Australian Nature and Wildlife at it’s finest

I hope to video and take pictures of all of these (and more), as well as learn the stories behind them, which you as gold members, will have access to long before I make them public on the website.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as you come along on the journey with me!