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Save your Family’s Valuable History, Memories and Stories in this easy to use Family Memory Book

As a family historian, how many times have you said to yourself:

“I wish I had asked that question while they were still here” or,

“I should have paid more attention to what they where saying when I had the chance”

If you are anything like me and you had a dollar every time those words crossed your lips, you would most likely be a millionaire by now. However, sadly (and as much as I wish it was possible to do so) we cannot go back in time and ask our loved ones the questions we now, most desperately, would like to have the answers to.

But what if there was a way to minimise the risk of this situation presenting itself again?

Would you take advantage of it?

This is one of the reasons I decided to put this Family Memory Book together and, by doing so, I am hoping to help you preserve those treasure troves of family information forever!

By offering this Family Memory Book to your loved ones or, by using it yourself, you have the opportunity to recall, document and safeguard long forgotten memories and family stories that one day, if they are not recorded, could be lost forever. This booklet is a chance to once and for all put these most valuable stories and memories onto paper or, if you prefer the pdf digital copy, into electronic format which will then be available for generations of your family to come.

Questions include:

– Childhood and Teenage Years,
– School Years,
– Adulthood,
– General Family,
– Work, Retirement,
– Immigration and Military Service
– Miscellaneous Questions covering various areas not mentioned above.

* Developed in a Easily Readable Format
* 3 Generation Pedigree Charts
* Life Timeline Templates

What do I get?

1.  A physical hard copy version of the workbook.

Something else that may be of some interest you…

My Story My Life – ebook and data fillable versions


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Featured Articles
Dianne WalkerDianne Walker
Hi Warwick ,I love the book, I can go through it in stages with my Father and he is able to reminisce but also I get a better insight into his past and who he is.Best thing I did was to purchase the book
Thank you
Denise SchnitgerDenise Schnitger
The Family Historian I have bought your products and must congratulate you. I have told others of and recommended your products. I have had extremely wonderful help and service. I am slowly getting the family history together. Thank you . Money well spent is my opinion.
Wendy BroadWendy Broad
The moment I made contact with Warwick about 'My Story My Life' book, I was impressed with how friendly and helpful he was. The book is excellent. I wish my ancestors could have had access to one, so I could learn about their lives, instead of knowing so little about them. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in Family History.W. Broad.
Veronica PowellVeronica Powell
I think your book will be helpful to my family when they want to research our family history when I have passed
Jeannie ClarkeJeannie Clarke
Although I haven't had much time to really use the book and complete it I absolutely love it.
Rose GrieveRose Grieve
Hi Warwick, I think your book is great. You mention things that I wouldn’t have thought to add when writing my family history. Thankyou for your dedication to help people like me with research. Rose.
Leigh MockridgeLeigh Mockridge
I only wish I had found this book earlier. it would have been great for our family memories. I lost both my father and mother and when it came to their funerals. we had to sit around for hours upon hours trying to remember things about their lives it was exhausting and emotional if we had this book it would have made it a lot easier. Thank you Warwick.
Kay McDonaldKay McDonald
As yet I have not had time to actually use the book that I purchased, but it looks user friendly and easy to use
Fiona BartyFiona Barty
I purchased 2 of the My Story My Life books for elderly family members. They are slowly filling in the pages so our family will have their memoirs. The books are easy to use, to leave a lasting legacy.

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