South African Soldiers Memorial

South African Soldiers Memorial

Conflicts Commemorated:

  • Boer

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Corner of Albert and St Kilda Roads South Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3205

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History and Significance:

What is significant?

The South African War Memorial Committee was formed at a public meeting in 1911 to raise funds for a memorial to honour the soldiers who fought and died in the Boer War. The architect Irwin & Stevenson won the design competition and the memorial was completed in mid 1924. The memorial was to have originally been hexagonal in plan with six bronze lions but lack of funds resulted in a more simple design. Eventually more money was raised and the four sandstone lions, designed and sculpted by Stanley Hammond, were added to the memorial in 1952. The memorial is a grey granite obelisk set on a podium. It is embellished with a bronze dagger, plaque and a wreath which is decorated with eucalyptus motifs. The four sandstone lions are set on granite pedestals on each corner of the podium.

How is it significant?

The memorial is of historical, social and aesthetic importance to the state of Victoria.

Why is it significant?

The South Africa


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